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We support consumer industries in enhancing their operational efficiency, market positioning, and customer satisfaction.

We manage all aspects of recovery and work as a single point of contact for clients with remittance, document exchange and all related servicing needs.  At the request of clients, all consolidated reports and remittances are submitted and customed reporting can also be built. With servicing agencies already contracted, a simple placement master servicer agreement is all that’s needed.  All accounts are held within our secured account management platform and distributed in the same way. By leveraging our industry knowledge, we help our consumer industry remain competitive.

Receivables we’ve serviced in Consumer Markets

Auto Loan (Performing, Secured and Deficiency)

Auto Franchise/Private Dealers, Indirect Auto Finance, RFC’s

Trade School/Student Loan Financing

Retail Installment Contracts

Banks, Credit Cards, DDA

Health Care (Medical, Dental)

Specialty Healthcare Financing

Judgments (Active and Dormant)




Payday Lenders

Debt Purchasers

Equipment Financing


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About Us

With thoughtfulness and purpose, we strategically access the landscape, develop a plan, and securely exploit growth opportunities to set you on a pathway to success. Our needs-based approach unlocks what is important to you.

Our expertise maximizes the recovery of your consumer and commercial debt, buy/sell side accounts receivable portfolio brokerage, to positioning your business with capital that propels your company forward, we like to see you succeed.

Our investment in building meaningful partnerships and relationships is what drives us. Effective, efficient, executing your needs and implementing growth opportunities is our driving force.

We believe business is a personal affair! We are not bonded by contracts, but trust!